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New York Office

Mission Statement

At Cybermorr, we embrace the reality that in today's world, every business is fundamentally a technology business. As relentless protectors of your digital world, we understand that cybersecurity is not just a technology issue, but a central business challenge. We are committed to the principle that technology and security decisions are as crucial as any core business strategy. Our mission is to integrate cybersecurity seamlessly into the business fabric, recognizing that it is an essential, indivisible part of overall business success. We pledge to redefine the landscape of digital security, not merely as a separate concern but as a robust, proactive force at the heart of your business. We strive to ensure unwavering protection and strategic empowerment for your digital presence. 

 Vision Statement

Our vision is to revolutionize the perspective of cybersecurity in the business world, elevating it from a technical necessity to a cornerstone of business strategy and success. We aspire to create a future where every organization recognizes the integral role of cybersecurity in their operations and views it as a key driver of innovation, trust, and sustainable growth. By pioneering advanced security solutions and fostering a culture of proactive digital protection, we aim to empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape, ensuring that they are not only protected but also ahead of the curve in a world where technology is synonymous with business. 

Founder and CEO

Dan Morrison

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Dan Morrison is a dynamic technologist with a realistic approach to business. With a strong background in business operations and cybersecurity, he seamlessly blends his technical expertise with practical business acumen. Known for his friendly nature, Dan thrives on helping others and delights in witnessing their success, embodying the essence of a true people person.

The inception of Cybermorr was a direct response to an observed disconnect in the understanding of cybersecurity among the general public. Dan noticed a substantial gap between what people perceived cybersecurity to be and its actual application in safeguarding them. This realization spurred him to establish Cybermorr. The mission was clear: to demystify cybersecurity for small and medium-sized businesses and to harness technology to bolster their operations. Dan is driven by the philosophy that if a solution doesn't exist, it's an opportunity to create one.

Dan's cultural identity is deeply rooted in diversity and inclusivity, with a particular focus on bridging the male/female gap in technology. He believes in teaming up with people at every level of knowledge in cybersecurity, ensuring that opportunities in tech are accessible to all. Dan strives to educate businesses both big and small, so they can be a part of the solution to protect their business. 

His professional excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2015, Dan received peer recognition, standing out among 400 peers! That is a true testament to his outstanding contributions and leadership in the field.

Beyond the realm of technology and cybersecurity, Dan leads a life rich with diverse interests. He is a family man who enjoys engaging in outdoor activities and participating in his hobbies with his wife and three kids. He is an accomplished pilot and drone operator, enjoys woodworking, and has a knack for building engines. Fitness forms an integral part of his lifestyle, reflecting a commitment to personal well-being. Being able to own Cybermorr has given Dan the opportunity not to work a typical 9-5 job and allows him to operate his business at a higher risk, knowing that he has the unwavering support of his family.


Dan is deeply involved in various causes, including church activities, and volunteering weekly in community services. Particularly close to his heart is search and rescue operations, where one of his goals for the future is to leverage his flying skills to assist people in distress and build a non-profit to reach people in need worldwide.

What truly fulfills Dan is the success of others. Watching people thrive and succeed, especially through the avenues he facilitates, brings him immense joy and satisfaction. Dan’s life and career are not just about achieving personal milestones but are deeply intertwined with the growth and success of those around him.

Kalani Hunter

Executive Assistant

Kalani is a dynamic Executive Assistant at Cybermorr. With a multifaceted role that spans marketing, events, sales, and various other responsibilities, Kalani is the organizational backbone of the company. 

Kalani has over 6 years of experience in the Executive Assistant position. In both her professional and personal life, Kalani wears many hats. A newlywed of three years, she thrives on adventure, the outdoors, working out, and has a passion for cooking and baking. 

Beyond the office, Kalani is deeply involved in her community. She volunteers for church youth activities, contributing her time and energy to the well-being of the younger generation. Passionate about promoting an active lifestyle, she takes the initiative to organize fitness events in her community as well.  

Proudly representing Cybermorr, Kalani appreciates the company's core values of loyalty, inclusion, trust, and helping others. As an integral part of the team, she embodies these values in her daily work, contributing to the success and positive culture of the organization. She is dedicated to making a meaningful impact both within Cybermorr and the community at large. 

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