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If you are experiencing a cybersecurity incident and need immediate assistance, please use the following contact details to reach our Incident Response Team:

Stay Calm, follow these basic tips and get in touch with us right away.

Tips for Managing a Cybersecurity Incident

  1. Immediate Isolation: If you suspect a device or network is compromised, isolate it immediately from the network to prevent further spread of the threat.

  2. Preserve Evidence: Avoid shutting down systems or altering files post-incident. Preserve logs, data, and any other evidence that could be crucial for a thorough investigation.

  3. Record Details: Document everything about the incident as it unfolds, including what was noticed first, any changes made to the system, and any external communications. This timeline can be critical for both remediation and future prevention strategies.

  4. Notify Stakeholders: Inform all relevant stakeholders within your organization, from IT to executive teams, ensuring that everyone is aware of the situation and can take appropriate measures or provide necessary support.

  5. Consult with Professionals:  Immediately contact professional cybersecurity incident responders.

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